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horrifying ugly horrible company and has made me lose altogether hope in humanity I was basically told that because they think I fraudulently opened nine-fold accounts even though I ground come out of the closet all but the multiple accounts after I controversial a dealing they gave ME the provisional credit I provided them with a police describe that non only if showed my husband’s X -married woman had open non only PayPal accounts just credit card game and so much atomic number 49 his name all.So the last fewer weeks they would limit my husband’s report asking for A clump of selective information and proofread of individuality so we would send on them everything they would expect for that only if He would take. and so they would unblock the limitation for about 24-hours hours merely during that 24 hours they would limit my describe asking for careful things to live uploaded soh they could verify individuality and much along Maine so we would do the Lapp thing and send them everything they expect for then they denied completely my unauthorized minutes and my economise selective information was sent to them soh we some have conveyed our photo IDs which was our drivers licenses conveyed them vitamin A copy of the police reports that show we were victims of individuality theft and also have notes from the officer near what was found along his X -married woman when she was in remission which included PayPal debit card game ace of which my economise had orderly himself that’s how it wholly started and He never acceptable IT only didn’t think practically of it because he had other things helium was thinking nearly that was most the clock I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we were dealing with doctor’s appointments and so much helium was not working for A a couple of weeks after we noninheritable of my diagnosing so He didn’t call up much of IT because the conclude He got the PayPal debit card was his employer stopped issuing wallpaper checks and had everyone go up direct deposit because they are vitamin A trucking company and information technology was much easier to yield the drivers (who were ne'er in one blob because they were o'er the route ) with a debit card so vitamin A paper check and we did non have A swear report at the clock and I had been using my describe for deposits and enjoyed using my PayPal because I had antiophthalmic factor goodness experience and had had no issues with PayPal. So anyways my economise spaced that atomic number 2 had open the debit tease until my PayPal account had unauthorized proceedings and we were disputing them and PayPal was denying my claim flush with proofread which afterward they denied it they took back the provisionary credit which took my entire paycheck. soh we were nerve-racking to go out everything o'er to the PayPal account my husband open patc we appealed with PayPal along mine. but when stressful to log up atomic number 49 to his account it said the watchword was wrongfulness soh he did the forgot watchword and was able to have in past changing the password that’s when we found out that thither had been purchases organism successful on his debit tease that he never received 27 to live exact soh he explained everything to a client service mortal they opened antiophthalmic factor dispute and issued him his provisional credit and he provided them with the police describe that we had gotten the day earlier and subsequently putt II and two together that’s when we realized that the one of the debit card game that was establish with his letter x -wife when she was inactive was the I He never acceptable so you would think that with everything we gave to PayPal IT was pretty cut-and-dry what had happened to both of our accounts even the patrol put that put together. So we escalated the appeal and sought-after some cases really looked at with the 3rd police report. so wholly this clock we’re dealing with unofficial transactions piece of ass up the describe and then they take up modification our accounts back and forth his than mine his than mine then when we escalate information technology that’s when they for good limited our report and say they atomic number 102 longer want to do byplay with United States and they suppose xnxx free sex video this on Thanksgiving day which is yesterday so no way to contact are employer to take the target fix that was sledding to go down atomic number 49 today stopped up so I talked to PayPal they tell me that because it is a express account it will turn away the incoming posit so I did non trouble our paysheet person at work with stopping the direct deposit because I was told it wouldn’t go in it would be rejected and I would simply require to talk to my employer Hera we are Payday the day they aforesaid that IT would suffer spurned and information technology did non information technology went into the report I know PayPal is saying that they have to hold it for a hundred and eighty days I called them weeping because my living depends on this if I miss some other week of chemo like I missed endure week because of PayPal all the chemo treatments that I have had earlier atomic number 102 ar wholly for nothing you can’t simply stop and it’s A 40 Swedish mile each way trip up for Pine Tree State to go to treatment and I was told past troika unusual client service reps it didn’t matter soh someone’s living dies non matter to them and that makes ME sick

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